NDDCamp is organized each year by 3 French domain names investors, David Chelly, Philippe Franck and Marc-Olivier Bernard. The 2022 edition will be co-organized by the eBusiness MBA of of ESG Paris.

First of all, our conferences and roundtables are great. In most domain name events, speakers are famous or represent well-known sponsors, but that does not automatically make them interesting to hear. Our speakers are experts that love to share their knowledge and learn from others.

Secondly, our audience is excellent. We offer them the best possible conditions we can, such as an exciting program, confortable spaces for networking and a diverse catering, all for free.

Thirdly, the French touch of NddCamp might offer a new source of inspiration for your business. France is a dwarf in the Internet world, with not even one major digital company, but for some reason, French SEOs, computer engineers and developers are highly skilled. Lawyers in France are also quite knowledgeable, because of a (too), complicated, developped and constraining trademark law. Also, local domain name investors have had to find inventive ways of monetizing or selling their portfolio, due to the limited level of demand from endusers and the absence of speculators. All this kind of people, as well as registries, registrars, naming agencies and other internet professional meet together once a year at NddCamp.

Fourthly, as well as learning things and improving your business and networking, coming to NddCamp will make you spend a nice and relaxed time. At NddCamp, you don't need to be dressed like a prince(ss), boast to everybody your achievements, or pretend that you enjoy luxuous rooms with smiling hostesses and crazy parties at night. We don't give importance to how you look like and where you come from, we will just be happy to welcome you, as you are.

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