International Speakers

Speakers at NddCamp are established players of the domain name sector: SEO experts, lawyers, registrars, domain name managers and investors... Here are a few of the international speakers that have animated a conference in 2018 :

Sophie Pieck

SEDO Senior Business Dev. Manager

The World's leading domain name marketplace sends us from Germany the best they have in terms of expertise and professionalism: Sophie Pieck

Jean-Jacques Sahel

ICANN Vice-President for Europe

Internet is a public good that we must develop and protect. This is the one of the missions of Jean-Jacques Sahel, a strong and influent defensor of users rights.

Kalin Karakehayov

founder of

Kalin is a world master of expired domains. He has founded a startup which operates the largest searchable database of domains, and he manages Seo.Domains, a PBN domains supplier.

Jason Barnard

SEO consultant

Jason Barnard is undoubtedly a person with many talents, that you'll love to hear. He's also a bridge between the French buoyant SEO scene and the international digital community.

David Irving-Tayer

Lawyer with Atipic

A lawyer with a high understanding of the digital word, able to address any kind of audience and choose the right solution for any problem

Antonio Villamarin

Founder of Namemotion

Domain investor since 1997, Antonio is a Mathematician which applies AI and Big Data knowledge to domain name valuation and investment.

Erik Lambrechts

CEO of Catchtiger

Co-founder of Catchtiger, a leading namecatcher based in the Netherlands, Erik masters the art of DropCatching in many European cctld.

David Chelly

Co-Founder of Domstocks

Co-founder of NddCamp, David Chelly manages several services such as and from his residence in Spain.

Patrice Krysztofiak

Founder of Midoritech

Patrice Krysztofiak is one of the most skilled, appreciated and accessible SEO expert in France

French-Speaking speakers

Most of NDDCamp's conferences and workshops are in French. Our speakers are choosen according to their expertise, not their position.

Mickael Vigreux


Mickael Vigreux is a good example of the new face of French digital institutions : skilled, transparent, efficient

TEAM Youdot

J. Cote & J. Pommier

Founded by the succesful young French entrepreneur Tristan Colombet, Youdot (Domraider Group) is the leading expired domain name service in Europe

Maxime Doki-Thonon

founder of Rocketlinks & Reech

Once a young prodigy, the now-confirmed digital entrepreneur Maxime Doki-Thonon is still humble and very accessible. A real model for beginners that want to start a career in the webmarketing sector.

Jean-François Poussard


For any legal problem related to domain names in France, Jean-François Poussard is THE person to contact.

Aurélien Bardon


Aurelien Bardon is not only a great SEO expert, he's achieving incredible results with a constant client-focused mind.

Loïc Damilaville


Loïc Damilaville is the best expert in France for the domain name sector.


Adrien Russo


You may one day forget about NddCamp. But you might remember Adrien , an incredible youngster that makes PBN websites for less than €100.

Sébastien Moity

aka MOïse Le Geek (MOSES the Geek)

Want to learning some high level SEO tricks and techniques. Sebastien Moity's conferences are highly valuable!

Philippe Franck


Co-founder of NddCamp, Philippe is the best expert and broker for French premium domain names.


Fabien Raquidel


100 % of the French professional SEO are Fabien Raquidel's followers, an high-level SEO consultant that knows everything before the others.

Julien Gadanho


The star of NddCamp is the audience. But also probably Julien Gadanho. Aged 19, this security expert will impress you...

François Tréca


François Treca is a symbol of the new generation of SEO experts in France: reliable, open-minded and always looking for new ideas.