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in Paris, France

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4th NddCamp
June 21, 2018
MBA ESG Campus, Paris


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About NddCamp

A leading domain name event in Europe

With over 150 participants each year, NddCamp is the leading domain name event in France and one of the most important in Europe.

NDDCamp is an event that bring together registrars, lawyers, domain names investors, SEO consultants and more generally professionals dealing with domain names. Its purpose is to promote the domain names best practices and apprehend the current key topics of the sector.

The organizers

NDDCamp is organized each year by two French domain names investors, David Chelly and Philippe Franck. The fourth edition is co-organized by the eBusiness MBA of of ESG Paris. It is supported by Sedo and the French registry AFNIC.

An international audience

The first two editions were targeting a French-speaking audience. In the 3rd edition, an English workshop has been organized in the afternoon, with a dozen of participants, mainly coming from Europe. We hope to receive a more international audience in this 4th Edition.

Why come to NddCamp 2018?

First of all, our speakers are excellent. In the leading domain name events, speakers are famous or represent well-known sponsors but that does not automatically make them interesting to hear. Lot of them spend their time investing in their own marketing or working hard in order to achieve financial success or to make their way in large companies. Our speakers don't care about being famous, rich or working for a great multinational, they are experts that love to share their knowledge and learn from the others.

Secondly, our audience is great, because the event is free. When you ask hundreds or thousands of euros to participate to an event, you have also participants that are rich, famous or work for a large company, but you loose almost all the real people that know tons of things an make a living from their skills.

Thirdly, as well as learning things and improving your business and networking, coming to NddCamp will make you spend a nice and relaxed time. At NddCamp, you don't need to be dressed like a prince(ss), boast to everybody your achievements, or pretend that you enjoy luxuous rooms with smiling hostesses and crazy parties at night. We don't give importance to who you are, how you look like and where you come from, we will just be happy to know more about YOU.

Eventually, spending a day in Paris is not bad in June, especially that the 21st of June is the "Music Fest Day", which is probably the nicest day of the year.

Prestigious speakers

The speakers are established players of the domain name sector: SEO experts, lawyers, registrars, domain name managers and investors... Here a some of them:

Sophie Pieck, SEDO Senior Business Development Manager
The World's leading domain name marketplace sends us from Germany the best they have in terms of expertise and professionalism: Sophie Pieck

Marcel Botton, Founder of Nomen
World-renowned author about brands, Marcel Botton has founded the leading naming agency in Europe, with over 200 brands created each year

Jean-Jacques Sahel

Jean-Jacques Sahel (ICANN Vice-Président for Europe)
Internet is a public good that we must develop and protect. This is the one of the missions of Jean-Jacques Sahel, a strong and influent defensor of users rights.

Mickael Vigreux

Mickael Vigreux (AFNIC)
Mickael Vigreux is a good example of the new face of French digital institutions : skilled, transparent, efficient


Team Youdot
Founded by the succesful young French entrepreneur Tristan Colombet, Youdot (Domraider Group) is the leading expired domain name service in Europe


maxime doki-thonon

Maxime Doki-Thonon (Rocketlinks & Reech)
Once a young prodigy, the now-confirmed digital entrepreneur Maxime Doki-Thonon is still humble and very accessible. A real model for beginners that want to start a career in the webmarketing sector.


Jean-François Poussard (Solidnames)
For any legal problem related to domain names in France, Jean-François Poussard is THE person to contact.

aurélien bardon

Aurélien Bardon (Oseox)
Aurelien Bardon is not only a great SEO expert,
he's achieving incredible results with a constant client-focused mind.

Loic Damilaville

Loïc Damilaville (AFNIC)
Loïc Damilaville is the best expert in France for the domain name sector.

Antonio Villamarin

Patrice Krysztofiak,
Patrice Krysztofiak is one of the most skilled, appreciated and accessible SEO
expert in France


adrien russo

Adrien Russo (Puissance.Space)
You may one day forget about NddCamp. But you might remember Adrien Russo, an incredible youngster that makes PBN websites for less than 100 euros





françois treca

Antonio Villamarin (Namemotion)
Domain investor since 1997, Antonio is a Mathematician which applies AI and Big Data knowledge to domain name valuation and investment.


Kalin Karakehayov (
Kalin has founded a startup which operates the largest searchable database of domains, and he manages Seo.Domains, a high quality PBN domains supplier.

David-Irving Tayer

David Irving-Tayer (Atipic)
A lawyer with a high understanding of the digital word,
able to address any kind of audience and choose the right solution for any problem


Jason Barnard

Jason Barnard (SEO consultant)
Jason Barnard is undoubtedly a person with many talents, that you'll love to hear. He's also a bridge between the French buoyant SEO scene
and the international digital community.


Fabien Raquidel

Fabien Raquidel (VipSEO)
100 % of the French professional SEO are Fabien Raquidel's followers, an high-level SEO consultant that knows everything before the others.

Seb Moity

Sébastien Moity, aka Moïse the Geek
Want to learning some high level SEO tricks and techniques. Sebastien Moity's conferences are highly valuable!

françois treca

Julien Gadanho (SecureMyData)
The star of NddCamp is the audience. But also probably Julien Gadanho. Aged 19, this security expert will impress you...


Not another domain name event

NDDCamp is a conference and a networking event where participants can make new contacts and improve their knowledge of the sector. It is the opposite of what generally happens in the domain name industry : you won't need to pay a lot of money to attend conferences from sponsors that have come to sell their products. You won't find either any fake auction nor advice to make money with investments that will never work.

NddCamp's main focus is not on business, but on sharing knowledge. France is a dwarf in the Internet world, with not even one major digital company, but for some reason, French SEO are among the best in the world. French lawyers are also very knowledgeable, because of a (too), complicated, developped and constraining trademark law. Eventually, French domain name investors have had to find inventive ways of monetizing or selling their portfolio, as the demand from endusers has never been consistant and as speculation is inexistant. All this kind of people, as well as registries, registrars, naming agencies and other internet professional meet together once a year at NddCamp.


Last news


The next NddCamp will take place on June 21, 2018 at the MBA ESG Campus, in Paris. This same day is the French "Fête de la Musique", a special day with thousands of improvised musical performances in the streets and the bars, as well as huge organized concerts.

About the fourth edition

At 11 am, 14 PM and 16 PM, three different workshops will be organized simultaneously, so that each participant can choose a topic that he or she has interest in.

In order to best meet the expectations of the audience, many topics related with domain names will be addressed throughout the day, such as new TLD, expired domains names, branding advice, cybersquatting, SEO tools, etc.

And not to miss the nice open buffet, in a comfortable room devoted to restauration, networking and discussion with sponsors and participants.



June 21, 2018, from 11 am to 18 pm


35 av. Philippe-Auguste, 75011 Paris
Métro/RER : Nation

From 11 to 17.30 : the participants can choose between several workshops: choosing the right domain name, new tld, law and cybersquatting, SEO, domaining, website automatization, monetization, etc. The details of the 9 workshops/conferences offered throughout the day are available here (in French).

12.30-14 & 17.30 : Open buffet and cocktail

The speakers are established players from the domain name industry or related specializations. The workshops and conferences are mostly in French, but several are offered in English.

The presentations are interactive and aim at exchanging information and sharing knowledge between the speakers and the participants.

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